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Brand Retail Stores

  • Abhijit -IV, Ahmedabad

  • Kollonade Center, Ahmedabad

  • Kings Square, Ahmedabad

  • Acropolis Mall, Ahmedabad

  • Acropolis, Ahmedabad

List Of Projects

Project/Client & Address Description Year Area of Consultancy Cost (in Lacs)
Acropolis, Ahmedabad Home Town 2006Structural1500
Agrawal Mall, Vidyanagar Big bazzar 2006Structural500
Kollonade Center, Ahmedabad Central Mall, Pantaloon Group 2006Structural400
Kings Square, Ahmedabad Vishal MegaMart 2004Structural300
Abhijit-VI, Ahmedabad Piramyd Retail Store 2003Structural250
Aabha Store, Baroda TNW Retail store 2001Structural150